Why Learning Islam is Important

Everytime people hear the word “Islam”, they automatically think of extremists and people who want to hurt other people. When they read Islam, they think of ISIS and other groups that have terrorized large regions of the world. Every time we hear Islam, we are afraid or angry.

That shouldn’t be the case.

Islam is terribly misunderstood by a large number of people in the world. This is due to a combination of a lot of things – misinformation from the media and the inability to learn about Islam themselves are the top two reasons.

I am not a practitioner of Islam nor am I one of their proponents. I am just a normal human being interested in learning more about what my other brothers and sisters believe in.

Why you should learn Islam

  1. To present a good argument – You might not be a fan of Islam but learning about it can be beneficial for you. Truth is, it’s hard to create an argument without understanding two sides of the issue. It’s hard to claim what Islam is and is not without even knowing more about it.
  2. To understand Jihad – Jihad has been used pretty often by a lot of groups nowadays. For most of us, we picture a bloody battle in the name of faith. Jihad is more than just a terroristic act. As a matter of fact, the “greater” form of Jihad is the inner struggle of an Islamic practitioner with his/her faith.
  3. To understand the difference between regular Islamic followers and extremists – The bad things we see and read on the news are usually attributed to a couple of Islamic extremists. They are very different from your regular Islam practitioner. Learning about Islam will make you realize how different they are from each other.

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