How Asbestos Affects Kids



Recently, I discovered from a family friend that his place of worship was being renovated. I’ve been to the place before, and the locals seem to be fond of the patina of age and signs of use in the mosque. The idea of it being renovated willingly was strange, given what I knew.


When asked what prompted that, he told me that they found the walls of the building to be lined with asbestos. It was a huge danger to worshipers, so they got asbestosremovalperthwa on the job fast.


He was particularly alarmed because it was his children that made the discovery. He was worried enough to bring them to the hospital as soon as he could, just to check.


Fortunately, the sheets were intact. The children had minimal risk of having inhaled dangerous fibres because of this, so they were safe. However, my friend is still waiting on confirmation that they didn’t find any loose fibres.


For those of you who aren’t aware of the dangers of asbestos, particularly towards children, let me help you. I did a little research on the matter, mostly out of curiosity. I’d heard about the dangers before, but never really gave them much thought.


We already know that the fibres don’t dissolve in the lungs. We are aware that they tear and scrape at the cells, causing problems years after the exposure. Asbestos is one of those things that will kill anyone years after they first encounter it.


Malignant mesothelioma is the most infamous effect asbestos can have. However, it can also cause other types of cancer, regardless of the patient’s age.


According to my research, asbestos might be a greater danger to children than adults. Since a child’s lungs are still developing, they are weaker and more sensitive. There is also one other detail tied to biology that can make things worse.


Children have a faster breathing rate than adults. Their respiratory systems process more air, due to the increased number of breaths. This means that if there are fibres in the air, they take in more of them. That means greater danger, greater exposure.


The young also have the habit of taking things and putting them in their mouths. If the dust, soil, or objects are contaminated, that is another way for the fibres to enter their bodies. Whether in the lungs or the digestive system, the fibres can do a lot of damage.


Babies are also at risk. Infant formula requires water, and not every child is fed on breast milk. If the pipes are laden with asbestos, the baby is exposed at such an early, delicate age.


Naturally, due to these dangers safety and inspection is necessary. Older buildings that haven’t undergone a recent renovation should be inspected. They’re the most likely to have fibres or sheets in the walls or other areas.


Don’t try to remove the fibres or sheets yourself. Asbestos needs specialised equipment and containment procedures to make sure it doesn’t contaminate the environment, so you must call a professional to do the job. Doing it yourself is foolish.


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