Surviving A New Neighbourhood



If you’ve just moved to a new neighbourhood, there are a lot of adjustments to make. Some of these are meant for your neighbours, easing them into your new presence. Others are for you, making the whole process smoother and less stressful for you and your family.


The first thing you need to do is to get the lay of the land. You’ll want to look for essentials like the closest grocery store, what the nearest shops are, and the most convenient place of worship. This can seem a little overwhelming, but thankfully the internet can help.


You should ask real people.


Talking to your new neighbours accomplishes two things. First, it tells you where the good stuff is from the get-go. You can ask about schools, gas stations, convenience stores, and anything else you might need. They might even know places that don’t show up on an internet search.


The other purpose it accomplishes is introducing you to your new neighbours. You’re going to do this anyway if you don’t want to build a reputation as a recluse. Making friends puts people at ease around you, and you might get help moving – always a bonus if you have a lot of stuff with you.


When you’re new to a place, make an effort to learn the local routine.


Learn when the garbage is collected or where to bring your skip bins – you can rent reliable ones if you click here – for waste disposal. Ask around if there’s a homeowner’s association or a neighbourhood watch. These things can be important to know but aren’t always mentioned in conversation.


To make friends, keep up your old hobbies.


You never really know who else might share your passion for building miniature cities out of Lego or putting together ships in bottles. Hobbies are a good way to connect with your new neighbours, helping you ease yourself into existing social circles.


Depending on what you find nearby, you could also try digging up old habits you abandoned. There’s probably a poker or chess player in every neighbourhood, and that’s a good way to forge an initial connection.


Use your place of worship as a way to meet new people.


Chances are, this is the best way for you to meet folks who are like-minded. Make friends this way, but make sure you don’t limit yourself to just that circle. Remember that people who share your faith are just a start.


If you have a friend already living in the area, let them introduce you to people. This is great because it helps smooth things over. It’s like a referral for business. The new person you’re meeting has probably already been vetted by your friend, so there’s less chance of friction.


If you don’t have any friends in the neighbourhood, you’ll need to make your steps. Try hosting a party and inviting people. If someone drops by to invite you to a party, see if you can find the time to go. These are both great ways to mingle and meet.


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