The Quest for a Child Friendly Kitchen


In Islamic law, the words “halal” mean permissible or acceptable under tradition. This is typically limited to food and drinks. However, there are certain practices that may be advised against when you are a Muslim. This includes the arena of kitchen design, though they are not absolute.


Now, combine this necessity to follow tradition and religious recommendation with the need to keep your children safe. Everyone with a family needs to design their kitchen and cooking area with a mind for safety. After all, there are so many ways for someone to get hurt by accident in there.


With that in mind, it can be a challenge to build a child-safe kitchen while still falling within the parameters of Islamic tradition. It is not impossible, however.


Before calling for help from a company such as, keep a few things in mind. Below are considerations that are geared towards the safety of children, as well as adherence to tradition.


First, remember that every Muslim home is a place of worship as well. This, as much as possible, it should face the direction of the qiblah. In simple terms, qiblah is the direction facing Mecca. Naturally, because of this – and the small prayer room it requires – the placement of the kitchen is also affected.


A kitchen should reflect the fact that the home is a place of worship. It should also keep in mind how food is prepared, handled, and consumed.


Decor or layouts that promote excess is to be avoided. Materialism and hedonism are not desirable. Moderation is crucial to a kitchen design in accordance with Islamic tenets.


By tradition, the kitchen should also be in the most secure location of the house. As much as possible, it should be away from the public eye. Windows and other openings are allowed for lighting and ventilation but must be placed judiciously.


Whenever possible, a buffer must exist between the kitchen and the more public areas of the home. This allows the women to work without interruption or intrusion.


Now, balance these with the need to promote the safety of children.


This means laying things out so that there is plenty of room, allowing anyone in their to move around. It also gives them plenty of room to manoeuvre out of the way of any little ones.


Make sure that anything sharp or otherwise dangerous is out of the reach of toddlers. This means keeping knives in secure containers, rather than just the drawers. This means making sure the switches and knobs for ovens and other appliances are out of their reach.


Keep the oven itself away from ground level. This is good because it prevents the child from opening it or becoming trapped inside. It is also good for you because it means less strain as you reach in to take out dishes or to put them in. Place it at a height comfortable for you.


Finally, use smoothed-out corners. These are the most likely areas for someone to get hurt, so making them smooth rather than tight and sharp is essential.

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