The world has so developed and technology has so grown, internet has been birthed and many things has become our friends and we mostly neglect the existence of human being and our environments has become less friendly than it used to be in the days of old; this was the discussion between jamal and taslim after the evening prayer, I overheard their discussion and it came to my mind to really talk about this with high probability of seeing improvement in our environments.

I grew up in the age of low internet and the gradual development of computer, in those days we were friendly and farming was more of occupation, in the evening the neighbours come out to talk and we share the common knowledge of allah; how sweet it was and lively everyone lived. Technology gradually invaded our village, most of us could afford the small televisions and the game consoles, those that couldn’t afford became our friends and we lived in peace. But more development has been birthed and that’s mobile technologies/mobile phones which work smoothly with the internet and the youths are easily and mostly carried away by what is going on in the cloud.

Most of our friends are now based on the internet like facebook, Instagram, twitter etc., this has led to us forgetting who we really are and we have left our environment in hollow and everyone walks on the streets as if we never met and we are enemies in disguise, actually those we refer as friends are strangers on the internet which we have never met and might never meet.

Truly we have really forgotten the legacy of the holy quran to be friendly an build a livable environment, it’s time we change and relate as normal human beings and people of the same faith, let’s use the technology to our advantage, let’s have a better praying time and share more contents of our faith. Let’s be the expected muslims and let Islam truly be the thing of the heart.


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