Basic Things about Islam

Let the Muslims outside there be quiet of the noise that “I am a Muslim by mouth” but let them know the basic things of Islam, for if this knowledge is properly passed, we will have more productive and knowledgeable Muslims:

  1. ISLAM: the first thing I will utter in writing is the meaning of Islam which means a total surrender to Allah. For Islam is a verbal noun in the Arabic word which means to surrender to God (and Allah is the god of Arab. Thus, it suggests the meaning immediately, which is surrendering to Allah).
  2. MUSLIM: In addition or continuation of what has been said above, a Muslim is the one that “surrenders himself or herself to the true will of God”
  3. QURAN: this is the central text of Islam, the book that contains all of the words of Allah through the prophet (Prophet Mohammed). This book is to daily be our recitation and the guidance of our beliefs and acts. Based on history it is said that the Quran is the only unedited revelations from the god (Allah). Prophet Mohammed received these collections of parchments via a trance from angel Gabriel and today it has become the major direction and reproof for all Muslims worldwide of which I am part.
  4. HANDLING THE QURAN: Due to lack of knowledge, it is so common that many Muslims facetiously handle the word of Allah without respect for the coagulated revelations. It is worthy of note that no Muslim should lay his finger on the words of Allah (Quran) without being in the state of purity.
  5. SHARIA: the world at large has issues with the word “sharia” but let it be reiterated to all Muslims that sharia remains the moral code and religious law of Islam. The world at large might be carried away by the frivolities and the lust that resides in it but a Muslim should always know and remember the words and moral obligations of Allah called the Sharia.
  6. SUNNI AND SHI’ITE: the two denominations of Islam are Sunni and shi’ite. Muslims have a sacred creed from the Arabic language which is translated as, “there is no god but Allah.”

I have successfully written a basic information, very simple to know and comprehend for all Muslims that know nothing about their faith. I will surely bring more to your way next time.


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