The recent surge in Islamic fundamentalism has been a source of worry and discomfort not only to the Western powers but nearly to all the regimes in the Middle East. This has been particularly true in the case of countries which have vital interests in the area and whose technological development and daily life […]

How Asbestos Affects Kids

    Recently, I discovered from a family friend that his place of worship was being renovated. I’ve been to the place before, and the locals seem to be fond of the patina of age and signs of use in the mosque. The idea of it being renovated willingly was strange, given what I knew. […]

What Is Sharia Law and How Is It Infiltrating Western Democracy?

It is supposed to be the law of Islam, that is as cast from Muhammad’s words. He supposedly dictated the Quran. It regulates public and private behaviour and even private beliefs. It prioritizes punishment over rehabilitation and is deemed the most intrusive and restrictive, especially against women. It is making inroads into western democracies in […]

The Five Pillars of Islam

  Islam is not a religion of violence. It, like all religions, can be twisted to serve violent interests, but it is not inherently so. In fact, the five pillars of the Islamic faith are relatively neutral and tend to have some commonalities with other religions.     These five are part of the core […]

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