The Five Pillars of Islam

  Islam is not a religion of violence. It, like all religions, can be twisted to serve violent interests, but it is not inherently so. In fact, the five pillars of the Islamic faith are relatively neutral and tend to have some commonalities with other religions.     These five are part of the core […]

Why Learning Islam is Important

Everytime people hear the word “Islam”, they automatically think of extremists and people who want to hurt other people. When they read Islam, they think of ISIS and other groups that have terrorized large regions of the world. Every time we hear Islam, we are afraid or angry.

That shouldn’t be the case.

Islam is terribly misunderstood by a large number of people in the world. This is due to a combination of a lot of things – misinformation from the media and the inability to learn about Islam themselves are the top two reasons.

I am not a practitioner of Islam nor am I one of their proponents. I am just a normal human being interested in learning more about what my other brothers and sisters believe in.

Why you should learn Islam

To present a good argument – You might not be a fan of Islam but learning about it can be beneficial for you. Truth is, it’s hard to create an argument without understanding two sides of the issue. It’s hard to claim what Islam is and is not without even knowing more about it.
To understand Jihad – Jihad has been used pretty often by a lot of groups nowadays. For most of us, we picture a bloody battle in the name of faith. Jihad is more than just a terroristic act. As a matter of fact, the “greater” form of Jihad is the inner struggle of an Islamic practitioner with his/her faith.
To understand the difference between regular Islamic followers and extremists – The bad things we see and read on the news are usually attributed to a couple of Islamic extremists. They are very different from your regular Islam practitioner. Learning about Islam will make you realize how different they are from each other.

Islam Inside The Heart

Islam is a religious belief of peace, which is one of the very most sacred and dependable religions, which gives us advice in every facet of life. Islam has given us education with knowledge without any restrictions. The Holy Quran is the most sacred booklet of Allah unveiled on Prophet Muhammad , for the upliftment information and enriched text messages to the mankind.

Education is the data of placing one’s potentials to maximum use. Without education, no-one can find the correct right path nowadays.

This need for education is actually for just two reasons. Education makes man the right thinker. Without education, no-one can think properly within an appropriate framework you. It instructs man how to believe and steps to make decision. The next reason for the value of education is the fact that only through the attainment of education, man is allowed to get information from the exterior world. It really is well done that

“Without education, man is really as though in a closed down room and with education he detects himself in an area with all its glass windows open towards outdoors world.”

That is why Islam attaches such great importance to knowledge and education. Once the Quran commenced to be unveiled, the first phrase of its first verse was ‘Iqra’ that is, read..

The reflective booklet of Holy Quran is so abundant with content and and therefore if the annals of individuals thought continues permanently, this e book is improbable to be read to its end. Each day it conveys a fresh subject matter to the mankind. Every morning, it offers us new thoughtful ideas and destined us in the restrictions of ethics.

Islamic Education is one of the better systems of education, making an moral groomed person with all the current features, which he/she must have as a individual. The , the burkha has created the incorrect image of Islam on earth. They don’t really know our teachings are immediately directed at us from Allah, who’s the creator of the world, through our Prophets.

The Muslims around the globe are thirsty of acquiring quality education. They know their limitations and never make an effort to cross it. It’s the West, which includes created a buzz that the Muslim aren’t in a journey to getting proper education. They feel that our education demonstrates to us struggling, about weaponry, etc., which is so phony. That is true that we now have certain elements, which drive a person to be on the incorrect path, because even as will mould a kid, they’ll be like this, but it generally does not imply that our religion demonstrates to incorrectly to us.

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